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Pancit for Lagman

Lagman is an Uzbek noodle soup. I could spend an hour making lagman at home or I can buy pancit, Philippine noodles. My Uzbek husband declared my Pancit/Lagman "a hit!"

Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Cake the prequel

I melted 3oz of Ghirardelli's semi sweet chocolate in a pan and then mixed in Betty Crocker Buttercream frosting because I was short on supplies to make any other kind of frosting homemade.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Cake

Peanut Butter Birthday Cake Part 1

Super secret recipe! (That you can find if you Google joythebaker on Google Books!)I am a fan of!

Texas Sheet Cake part 2 PMS Cure

I made this cake before with awesome results. Here is a picture of one of the secret ingredients needed to make this delicious. Only Ghirardelli works! It just melts in your mouth. I have renamed it the PMS cure because it just makes that horrible time of the month better!

Aron's Birthday Celebration; A Good Day

I decided this year not to do a party. One of my friends had coupons that she had collected over the summer and we decided to use them. We had breakfast at IHOP. We got a free kid's meal with an adult meal. My kids are no fun so they just ordered chicken strips and mac and cheese. At least they had it with a side of fruit. I had a sausage, hash brown, onions, and green pepper with cheddar cheese omelet. You won't find it on the menu because I made it up. I just realized that I never got my pancakes.

Then we went to Novaks gym in Dumfries, VA. The kids had a lot of fun. Aron did a front tuck on the trampoline all by himself! He did several front tucks in a row landing on his feet everytime! Jon almost had his kip! The kip is the ultimate goal of level 5 boy's gymnastics. I thought we would be kicked out of the gym because it was supposed to be preschool playtime, but the coach was cool and even spotted Jon Jon!

This is a kip-

Then we went to Laser Quest. I am now a fan o…

What Looks Good and Gluten Free on Pinterest?

Gluten Free Strawberry Pie!!!

Source: via joythebaker on Pinterest

Click here to see the recipe from Miss Joy the Baker! I have a sister-in-law who cannot eat gluten so I am always on the look out for gluten free recipes.

Doctor Who by James: Dalek Cake Photos

Cheesy Cheddarburger

When my brother wants to Wendy's he just says "Cheddah Cheez". The Cheesy Cheddarburger is one of the best selections from Wendy's value menu. It is a cheeseburger that has an added layer of cheddar cheese sauce that really gets your umami buds jumping for joy. Already, Wendy's has the best hamburger patty as it is juicy, doesn't taste of fake smoke flavor and tastes like a fresher higher quality beef. The buns are plain and aren't the quality of Chick-fil-A but somehow fit the taste of the Wendy's hamburger patty. I have long loved Wendy's cheeseburgers and usually crave them when pregnant. The cheese just melts so perfectly on the Wendy's patty. Wendy's also has delicious cheddar cheese sauce. It doesn't taste like the cheap cheese sauce you buy at the store. It actually tastes like cheddar cheese and not salty rubber. Some genius at Wendy's decided to put this sauce that they use on their chili cheese fries on a Wendy's che…

Canadian Chip Flavors

I only tried the All Dressed flavor. It is like barbecue but with a vinegar kick to it. We loved them so much we bought several bags before crossing the border. Yes, they are legal to take across the border! I just tried Dill Pickle and loved it but my kids didn't. The Dill pickle flavor kettle chips were tangy and delicious. I couldn't get the courage to try Ketchup. I do remember those flavors being popular in London as well. 

Canadian Things/ My Canadian Overload Attack

Hockey Sticks at Costco                                           Washrooms not Restrooms

                                          Maple Flags everywhere

                                          Cool Buildings

                                          Cool old buildings
                                           Impressionnants Bâtiments Anciens
                                                 Bluejays/ Les Bluejays!!
                                             Bilingual Signs and French on Everything!!
                                             Panneaux bilingues et Française sur tout!

                                          Beavers/ Castor

                                          Black Squirrels/ Des écureuils Noirs

                                                  Weird Chips! Croustilles Bizarres!!

Rina's Place

This restaurant is in Fort Erie, ON. We didn't eat there but one of Viki's friends is named Rina so we took this picture for her. It is right across the street from Lake Erie and some Lake Erie beaches.

Mississauga Milk Bags EH???

I love to write Mississauga, a city of 700,000 next to Toronto. That is where we stayed in a little Hampton Inn full of NY Yankees fans ready to see the game in Toronto at the Rogers Centre the next day. We were still the only Virginians there!

As soon as we arrived we went to a nearby Costco to see if we could get cheap tickets to Toronto's sights. Unfortunately there wasn't any for Toronto but there were plenty of Roots Canada products for a low price. The taxes though sort of ruin any good deal you find! Right behind the Costco was a large outlet shopping center. (Centre??) Of course there was a Roots store and we went nuts! We love Roots clothes and bought a couple of bags worth of clothes. Then we ate at the grocery store named Loblaws.

Loblaws had lots of cooked food that was delicious but expensive. I also bought All Dressed potato chips. There were true generic brands available. The bag of chips actually say "no name". They were super cheap and recommended b…

Swiss Chalet

After a long day in Toronto, we decided to try to eat something Canadian so we went to the Swiss Chalet. We went to a Swiss Chalet that also was attached to a Harvey's. Aron was screaming and crying as usual and Jonny was in a general bad mood after our long day in Toronto so we chose the Swiss Chalet take out. We ordered a family meal with a whole Rotisserie Chicken with steamed vegetables, salad, mashed potatoes and poutine. While waiting for our food I saw a lady for the first time eating poutine. I actually was beginning to believe it was on the menu to freak out American tourists!

So we took the food back to our motel, a really nice Hampton Inn in Mississauga. The picture above is of downtown Mississauga, a city right next to Toronto. I love to write Mississauga because it is like Mississippi my favorite southern word to write!  We ate our food in the hotel lobby while at the same time trying to keep Aron quiet. I couldn't figure out the difference among the gravies- the…

Green Curry in Simcoe Place

After a long walk to Casa Loma in Toronto, Canada, we were hungry. Not far from the CN Tower is the Simcoe Place food court next to the CBC building. There is a McDonald's which is what my kids wanted. My husband and I tried the Thai restaurant Green Curry.

The food was authentic and delicious but the lady who served me was a little rude. The food was not labeled so I wasn't sure what the food was. I asked the lady and in her very strong Thai (Lao?) accent she would only say "spicy!" or "spicy spicy!" or "very very spicy spicy". So I ordered "spicy" chicken and "very very spicy spicy" beef with "steam rice".

Ok, the "very very spicy spicy" beef dish was not at all spicy. (I mean I just had spicy Indian in Niagara Falls and that was for real Indian spicy, not white people spicy. I have had super spicy authentic Thai food with those evil little green peppers in it, I know what Thai/Indian spicy is! The beef s…

Canada's McBistro Swiss Mushroom Chicken Sandwich

Our third day in Canada we decided to try McDonald's. Because of my lactose intolerance I decided against trying poutine again. Plus with all of that cheese and gravy poutine cannot be good for you. Anyways, we go to the McDonald's outside of Niagara Falls in, I think, St. Catherines, ON. McDonald's had the best prices in Canada though they call the McChicken sandwich the Junior Chicken sandwich.

My husband and I were drawn to the McBistro menu, something not offered on the American menu. On the McBistro menu are the Southwest Chicken, Chicken BLT, and the Swiss Mushroom chicken sandwiches. My husband and I both chose the Swiss Mushroom sandwich. It wasn't the cheapest on the menu (not to mention the 13% tax on it!! Canada is expensive!) but we love Swiss cheese and mushroom and just simply wanted something different.

Everything was good on the sandwich except the mushrooms. I usually love mushrooms but I didn't like the ones on the sandwich. It made the sandwich …

Niagara Falls, Ontario Restaurants

If you look closely you can see the Indian buffet restaurant we went to in Niagara Falls called Cheetal. It was a small hole in the wall restaurant and the buffet was $12.99. I loved the naan bread and the tandoori chicken was the best I ever had. I also loved the butter chicken.  The other food was just too spicy for me. I usually love spicy food but I just couldn't handle it that day. I would give that restaurant 4 out of 5 stars!

I also ate at an Mediterranean/Thai restaurant near Clifton Hill called Thai Express Medina. The fact that it was a weird mix like that should have told me that the restaurant wasn't going to be that good. The Thai lady who served me didn't even know what the food items were called. I ordered my favorite- shawarma. I had some delicious shawarma in Seattle behind the Lenin statue and excited to eat some more. My husband had some excellent shawarma the day before in another part of Niagara so I tried a different, cheaper restaurant. The chicken …

Poutine eh?

I am in Canada and after two years of wanting it I finally had poutine. I tried poutine at Burger King and at Wendy's. It is expensive at $3.99. Actually, all Canadian fast food is more expensive. Wendy's Cheddar Cheeseburger was $2.09. (Canadian)

This is my picture of Burger King Poutine which was a HUGE hit with my kids. Burger King also has a spicy Angry Poutine. ARGHHHH!

Poutine is a French Canadian dish that is now a popular fast food side in Canada. It is a similar idea to American chili cheese fries. Poutine is brown gravy and cheese curds on french fries. The gravy is ok and the kids and I love the cheese curds. Jon was especially a fan and it helped him get over the fact we couldn't get ranch dressing! The poutine was saltier at Burger King but the fries had a better texture than the Wendy's poutine which was cheesier. I plan to have poutine one more time before going back to the USA.