Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Canada's McBistro Swiss Mushroom Chicken Sandwich

Our third day in Canada we decided to try McDonald's. Because of my lactose intolerance I decided against trying poutine again. Plus with all of that cheese and gravy poutine cannot be good for you. Anyways, we go to the McDonald's outside of Niagara Falls in, I think, St. Catherines, ON. McDonald's had the best prices in Canada though they call the McChicken sandwich the Junior Chicken sandwich.

My husband and I were drawn to the McBistro menu, something not offered on the American menu. On the McBistro menu are the Southwest Chicken, Chicken BLT, and the Swiss Mushroom chicken sandwiches. My husband and I both chose the Swiss Mushroom sandwich. It wasn't the cheapest on the menu (not to mention the 13% tax on it!! Canada is expensive!) but we love Swiss cheese and mushroom and just simply wanted something different.

Everything was good on the sandwich except the mushrooms. I usually love mushrooms but I didn't like the ones on the sandwich. It made the sandwich taste a little soggy. Maybe it would have been better if I ordered grilled instead of fried chicken. The bread and cheese was delicious so I am sure the chicken BLT would have been better. Other than the sogginess, the sandwich was a great change from the normal hamburgers and fries.

I wish we had the McBistro menu. Maybe America will get it soon. (without the 13% tax!!)

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