Thursday, August 23, 2012

Cheesy Cheddarburger

When my brother wants to Wendy's he just says "Cheddah Cheez". The Cheesy Cheddarburger is one of the best selections from Wendy's value menu. It is a cheeseburger that has an added layer of cheddar cheese sauce that really gets your umami buds jumping for joy. Already, Wendy's has the best hamburger patty as it is juicy, doesn't taste of fake smoke flavor and tastes like a fresher higher quality beef. The buns are plain and aren't the quality of Chick-fil-A but somehow fit the taste of the Wendy's hamburger patty. I have long loved Wendy's cheeseburgers and usually crave them when pregnant. The cheese just melts so perfectly on the Wendy's patty. Wendy's also has delicious cheddar cheese sauce. It doesn't taste like the cheap cheese sauce you buy at the store. It actually tastes like cheddar cheese and not salty rubber. Some genius at Wendy's decided to put this sauce that they use on their chili cheese fries on a Wendy's cheeseburger. Thus they have invented the best burger on their value menu.

I had a cheesy cheddarburger yesterday and enjoyed every bite of my savory cheesy sandwich! It was the only thing I ate for lunch and that was satisfying. Alone the burger is 300 calories. Eat it with a side salad (no dressing though) and water and you can eat an entire meal for under 400 calories and under $5. In today's economy and more calories conscious population, Wendy's cheesy cheddarburger is a genius burger to put on their menu.

For those not wanting carbs- eat just the cheesy cheddarburger patty and eat only 1 CARB and 180 calories!! (just what is in that bun?) Seeing that result, Wendy's should really consider offering whole wheat buns like Chick-fil-A or to offer the cheesy cheddarburger in a low carb wrap or a piece a lettuce. The Wendy's hamburger bun is 120 calories and has 23 carbs! They really should rethink the bun and make it healthier or do like Mcdonald's and offer cheesy cheddarburger wraps, which sounds real good! I will experiment with that and tell you how it tastes.

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