Thursday, August 2, 2012

Chick-fil-A Life Lessons

I took my kids to Chick-fil-A yesterday and was surprised to see so much support for the company despite the recent nonsensical attacks. It made me think about my long relationship with Chick-fil-A and how I have grown to love and support the company.

I was 16 and was looking for my second job. I just got fired from my first job at Perkins because of a substitute manager. I was rebellious and looking for trouble but I also wanted to make my own money. I was surprised to get a call back from the weird chicken restaurant. I never had eaten there before. Before I went into work back in 1992 I hung out with my friends in the mall food court. A friend let me have some of their cigarette. I was so cool and had some right before work. That was when you could still smoke in the mall. Cigarettes made me sick because I actually rarely smoked. So I step into Chick-fil-A ready for my training. the smell of the chicken combined with the cigarette smoke in my system made my stomach turn. I had to run upstairs to the bathroom where I threw up. I was sent home soon after. That was my first day at Chick-fil-A.

For some reason I didn't get fired and Chick-fil-A kept me on despite my weird hair colors and strange 1990's chokers I wore around my neck. There were the usual Evangelicals who worked there too. Most of them went to the Baptist college in town and many were studying to be ministers. I would sit in the break room in my punk clothes and maroon hair and they would talk religion. I would surprise them by my knowledge of the Bible because I didn't look like I had a clue about anything. Then they would ask me what my religion was. I would tell them that I was Mormon. "You don't look Mormon!" they would reply. Then they would say wrong things about my religion. I surprised myself by how much I defended the church. It was then I found confidence deep in myself to progress in my life. Not long after I made the goal to go to BYU when in the past I never wanted to go to a Mormon school.

Chick-fil-A helped me in a strange way find myself. Discover that I was a child of God and that I didn't need strange clothes and hair to feel special. I already was special because I was a daughter of God. There were times I forgot that lesson and fell in faith, but I always found myself back again.

I am thankful for the chance Chick-fil-A gave me and the lessons I learned in life. It is a shame that Chicago and Boston will miss out on it.

(my favorite part of Chick-fil-A is the fact that they use all natural whole ingredients and that all of the chicken in made from scratch. They have in my opinion the best biscuits!)

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