Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Green Curry in Simcoe Place

After a long walk to Casa Loma in Toronto, Canada, we were hungry. Not far from the CN Tower is the Simcoe Place food court next to the CBC building. There is a McDonald's which is what my kids wanted. My husband and I tried the Thai restaurant Green Curry.

The food was authentic and delicious but the lady who served me was a little rude. The food was not labeled so I wasn't sure what the food was. I asked the lady and in her very strong Thai (Lao?) accent she would only say "spicy!" or "spicy spicy!" or "very very spicy spicy". So I ordered "spicy" chicken and "very very spicy spicy" beef with "steam rice".

Ok, the "very very spicy spicy" beef dish was not at all spicy. (I mean I just had spicy Indian in Niagara Falls and that was for real Indian spicy, not white people spicy. I have had super spicy authentic Thai food with those evil little green peppers in it, I know what Thai/Indian spicy is! The beef stew looking dish with some kind of red root was awesome and authentic tasting. I had that dish before from a native Lao. I was enjoying it until my husband told me it was cow stomach (tripe). Then I got grossed out and stopped eating it. I am such a wuss sometimes.

Would I eat at Green Curry again? Yes, yes I would. It was the best Thai fast food I ever had.

Click http://www.flickr.com/photos/holimng/3532122561/ for a picture of the restaurant. There is the spicy spicy lady!

Below are scenes from Simcoe Place/CBC Center. We had no idea that a Toronto Bluejays/NY Yankees game was going on in nearby Rogers Centre.

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