Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Swiss Chalet

After a long day in Toronto, we decided to try to eat something Canadian so we went to the Swiss Chalet. We went to a Swiss Chalet that also was attached to a Harvey's. Aron was screaming and crying as usual and Jonny was in a general bad mood after our long day in Toronto so we chose the Swiss Chalet take out. We ordered a family meal with a whole Rotisserie Chicken with steamed vegetables, salad, mashed potatoes and poutine. While waiting for our food I saw a lady for the first time eating poutine. I actually was beginning to believe it was on the menu to freak out American tourists!

So we took the food back to our motel, a really nice Hampton Inn in Mississauga. The picture above is of downtown Mississauga, a city right next to Toronto. I love to write Mississauga because it is like Mississippi my favorite southern word to write!  We ate our food in the hotel lobby while at the same time trying to keep Aron quiet. I couldn't figure out the difference among the gravies- the Chalet sauce, the poutine gravy and the mashed potatoes gravy. So I mixed the gravies on the poutine. The result was nasty though the cheese curds were still awesome. I wish I knew where to buy cheese curds! The chicken was very good! I loved the seasoning that is supposed to be a Swiss seasoning. The mashed potatoes were good with at least one of the gravies. I think Swiss Chalet should label the gravies! After that fattening meal we went back up to our room and put the kids to bed early!

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