Monday, September 3, 2012

Papa John's Pizza Party

Every year I meet a friend and her kids at the pool for one last chance to swim at the pool before it closes down. We usually order pizza. The first year we met at a playground for some reason. Last year we went to the pool and so we did that again this year.

We ordered Papa John's pizza and ordered sausage, cheese, and pepperoni. The pizzas went fast even though we had Doritos and fruit. Next time I want to order Dominos because they have a better deal on their large pizzas. For some reason I thought it was Papa John's that had the deal on large pizzas. I will say that after a lifetime of loving Pizza Hut I have finally switched to Papa John's. Papa John's is easier on my stomach. I am too old for Pizza Hut which tends to be greasy.

Dominos also has Artisan pizzas and $7.99 large pizzas. Sometimes they have $5 deals. I think the best deal for a large group is Little Caesars.

Well, I got two pieces of Papa Johns at least! I sneaked two pieces before the children charged at it.

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