Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Best Kids' Meal for Toddlers

Children naturally want the sweetest, saltiest food. It is a technique of survival. Even breast milk is sweeter than cow's milk. (so I have heard, not interested in tasting it for myself) Parents want their kids to eat healthy. We don't want our youngsters have heart problems and type 2 diabetes before they get into high school. (this does not describe those with problems not caused by diet of course!) For parents on the go finding the right meal is more difficult. The fatter and unhealthy food is just easier and cheaper. I was happy to find an exception at Chick-fil-A!

Chick-fil-A offers grilled chicken nuggets and offers them as part of their kids meal. I was able to get a kid's meal with grilled nuggets, apple sauce, and apple juice. A better choice for the drink would be milk, but I still can't get my 14 month old to drink cow's milk. Chick-fil-A also offers a fruit cup and you can have an ice cream to go with the meal instead of a book. Grilled nuggets are easier for my toddler to eat than the regular nuggets and the applesauce is my son's favorite- Buddy Fruits Blended Fruit to Go Applesauce. We always stock up on Buddy Fruits Fruit to Go so I was happy that Chick-fil-A offers it.

When you go into the Chick-fil-A, they have a high chair already set up with a mat and wet wipe to clean your child's hands. They have bendy straws that make it easier to drink. After they eat there is the little play land in the back for activities for both older and younger children.

Red Plum is offering Chick-fil-A coupons for a free kid's meal with the purchase of an adult meal. So now is a good time to try out the new healthier kids meal. It was a hit with my 14 month old (who still won't walk! No pressure, I promise!) and I know it will be a hit with your kids!!

I know I write a lot about Chick-fil-A that it must seem like I work for them. I currently have no affiliation with Chick-fil-A. They are just that good!

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