Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Daily Double vs. Monopoly Game

It's Monopoly Time at McDonald's, the only fast food game I play. The Monopoly game is the only game I win anything in. I never win money but I usually win a sandwich or something. For example, I will buy a medium Coke and win a free breakfast sandwich. So I actually earned a profit. It makes it worth it to buy McDonald's.

That is where I come to some difficulty. You only get Monopoly game pieces if you order the Big Mac and not the Daily Double. I like the Daily Double. It is the first sandwich that McDonald's has offered in a long time that I like. It is not too high in calories and is cheap. It is a new improved Big Mac and not as messy.

So, I just take my chances with the medium drink. At least I get more of a profit out of it, sometimes.


One of these days I will beat that Monopoly game!!!!!!!

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