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El Pollo Rico

Twice over the weekend I had a craving for El Pollo Rico only a ten minute drive from my house. El Pollo Rico serves Peruvian style chicken. The service is faster than your basic fast food restaurant and the food is superior. Their menu is simple: chicken is various cuts, fried potatoes or yucca, rice, cole slaw and of course some quick desserts. The chicken is cooked rotisserie style with a Peruvian spice rub. It is very tasty and superior to Guapos another Northern Virginia favorite. The best part are the sauces. Both mild and spicy are delicious and I love to dip my fried potatoes into the yellow mild sauce. Even though I had the chicken twice I already want some more!

El Pollo Rico is popular with workers on lunch break because of their fast service. If you end up using your fingers because it is that good, they have wet wipes for a quick clean up. Their rice has butter, garlic, and salt in it. Everything is delicious! Next time you come to the DC area check out El Pollo Rico (13470 Minnieville Road Woodbridge, VA 22192‎) They have another location in Arlington.


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