Tuesday, October 2, 2012

September Finally Ended

September was a crazy month for our household! See, we do not adjust well to change in my family.

First- My kids started school, gymnastics, strings, choir, cub scouts, activity girls.

Then- My husband started back to work after a six month deployment.

Then- We bought a house!!!

Then- My mom came to visit so I was busy hanging out with her.

Then- I became obsessed with what happened on 9/11 in Libya and was active on Twitter.

I am also having a contest with my kids to see who can read the most books. I am reading Young Adult books so that I can give them ideas on some good books to read. I have been reading Doctor Who books which are a lot of fun to read. I also have been reading Scott Westerfeld's book Leviathan. It is a biopunk England versus a Steampunk Germany during World War I.

I also have been chasing my little toddler around which is harder to do at 35 than it was to do at 25. It is still a lot of fun. I love 15 months!

My husband and I are also trying to launch a new recipe website and it is a lot harder to do than I thought it would be. I will let you know the details later!

In other news, Jon got his Bobcat in Cubscouts! I was real proud of him. Aron is doing better getting used to school and is reading books now. Eli is walking everywhere and talking. Viki is playing the violin and still cooking whenever possible. She dreams of being a teacher and loves to help out with the neighborhood kids.

Again, sorry for no pictures.

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