Thursday, October 11, 2012

Tyson's Variety Pack and Independent Children

$3.99 at the Commissary! Kids love it to eat it after school.

Ok, I totally screwed up  my pictures. I can't always trust my phone! Well, this is the Tyson's Variety Pack that I found at the Commissary for only $3.99 (or was it $2.99? I can't quite remember but I remember being so excited about the low price I bought two!) My kids love a good after school snack especially since they are active. They love to microwave chicken nuggets.

 I know some may think I am a bad mother for making them cook their own snacks but I see that they love to make their own snacks. I am raising future adults and they will have to learn how to cook at some point. I don't want them to be dependent. Some cultures teach this cycle of dependency. I have learned that you can't be truly happy without being independent. When you are independent you can grow and become a better person. Plus being independent helps you to make good choices and making good choices brings joy into your life. That happiness usually starts simple- I cooked something delicious by myself. I did that!! Or, I cleaned up my room and now I am more comfortable! Sometimes it takes a while for a lesson to sink in but it does eventually happen. Viki loves to cook and wants to be a baker. I let her cook. She makes mistakes and a big mess but that is part of learning. She is learning a big part of cooking is the cleaning up and not to make that mistake. When I ask her to help me clean up after I cook she is more willing to help because she knows how important cleaning is when cooking and how exhausting it is.

Anyways- there was one nugget of parental wisdom I have learned!

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  1. You're a great mom for helping your kids to become independent.