Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Another Conspiracy Theory

Nothing annoys me more than crazy conspiracy theories. I remember the first crazy one I heard about the CIA bringing crack to the inner city. Of course the conspiracy theories multiplied after 9/11 happened. Now I am hearing that people are saying that what happened at Sandy Hook was a conspiracy theory. I think that when you don't believe that people can actually be evil it is easier to believe in a vast conspiracy especially in today's confusing world.

Yesterday I read comments under an article about Aaron Swartz saying he did not commit suicide but that he was killed by the vast Zionist world government which currently chose Obama as its leader. The idea of a young man committing suicide hurts. It is easier to believe our government was behind it. The suicide happened not long after what seemed to be an epidemic of public mass shootings the worst of which occurred at Sandy Hook. Now I am reading that the government was behind Sandy Hook and a neighbor of the school, Gene Rosen is getting harassed by deluded people believing he is part of this conspiracy?

There is evil on this earth. One human being is capable of horrible thing. Nineteen young men were capable of killing over 3,000 civilians on 9/11. The only thing our government was guilty of was not taking the threats from Al Qaeda seriously. A teenager can lose his sanity and kill school aged children.

The only vast conspiracy theory I can believe in is that there is someone behind all of this evil in the world, and it isn't a government or powerful family. It is Satan who wants to destroy the souls of mankind. Call me a conspiracy nut, but I stand by that theory. When we believe in nothing, there is a hole that can easily be filled by the evil of Satan. Satan fills our hearts with hate and murder. He can also fill it with fear and conspiracy.

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