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Aron's New Superhero

Usually Aron, my 6 year old, obsessively talks about super heroes. I can tell me all of the stats of his favorite super heroes like Superman, The Flash, and Green Arrow. Aron loves DC Comicbook heroes unlike his older brother who is a Marvel fan. Recently he has been loving Young Justice Robin and Nightwing.

When we go to the library he usually goes straight to the comic book section to pick out his favorite super hero book for the 5th or 6th time. He will grab 5 or 6 and I usually have to fight with him to return some of them for I know he won't read them. Jon liked to hear the stories. Aron likes to look at the pictures and make up his own.

Well, the other day Aron had to go to the dentist to get another filling (this was his 5th and 6th ones). While I waited for Aron, 18 month old Eli went for his first cleaning which required three women, the dentist, her assistant, and myself to hold him down. Aron was calm and did not complain the entire time he was getting drilled. I guess that laughing gas did its job. At the end of the visit we discovered that Aron needed a crown. He was so excited to get a silver crown like a king. I had to explain having a silver crown isn't all that cool and is a result of him not brushing well. (I actually think it is genetics. My other children have perfect teeth.)

After the dentist, we went home and I smelled something that smelled like rotten cabbage. I followed the smell to the utility room around where the water heater was. Yes, we had a gas leak. I took Aron and Eli out of the house and we went to the library where I expected him to look for his regular super hero books. We were at the tiny neighborhood library so I could go to the regular section and watch the boys in the children's corner.

I did not find the book I was looking for by Mark Hodder. So I went to see what the boys were up to. Aron was reading a book about Martin Luther King all by himself. It was the first time I ever saw him read independently. He did a great job and read every word. I didn't know he was interested in Dr. Martin Luther King,

Well, since then he has been talking about Dr. Martin Luther King. "Martin Luther King was born in 1929 and died in 1968 when he was 39 years old," he tells me with pride. "He gave a speech at the Lincoln Memorial where you took me that time."  He knows all of these facts about Dr. Martin Luther King and loves to share them.

Fortunately for me, he hasn't caught on that Dr. King was shot in Memphis where I was born and where my parents were raised. My father was in Memphis and my mother was in nearby Jackson, TN when he was shot. Let's just say I don't talk about it much. My family on both sides weren't exactly politically correct but nowadays the other side of history tends to get censored and you automatically get judged. I personally admire Dr. Martin Luther King and consider him an American hero even after knowing both sides of history. One day my kids will find out that history is not black and white and that there is no such thing as super heroes and just admire people for fighting for what was right no matter what which is what Dr. King did. Our country was wrong and he tried to fix that. People in the south might have been uncomfortable with things and even felt threatened by the change he believed in, but in the end he was in the right. I just wish his followers today would forgive those who weren't fair to those of different races and that we could live out Dr. King's dream. I know my six year old believes in that dream and I hope he never becomes cynical.


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