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Christmas Illness

I had a wonderful Christmas break. It wasn't relaxing but it was a lot of fun. I saw all of my brothers and their wives and my nieces and nephews. I don't have a great relationship with my extended family but I have a beautiful relationship with my immediate family. I don't mean to sound awful but I think part of that is that I have no sisters so there is less drama :-) The bad thing about that is that I come out to be the dramatic one. It didn't help that I had a kidney infection and was about to start my first menstrual period in two years.

When I am nursing a baby, I do not have cycles. I am normally a very regular person so not having a cycle messes my body up after a while. In December, my son was 18 months old and still nursing. My body was bloated and in pain. My back around where the kidneys are were in terrible pain so I was never comfortable. My bladder was irritated and I had restless legs syndrome. I was terribly constipated and my stomach felt like it was on fire. I was not getting any rest and was a puffy nightmare. Needless to say, I was not too much fun to be around.

I had absolutely no patience and acted sort of "witchy". I did the best I could but burst into tears a few times and really wanted to go home. One thing about my brothers is that they are indecisive and change plans a lot. That is fine and can be a great quality because they can adjust to challenges, but in my state I had no patience for it and kind of threw a fit. I am so embarrassed about it now and wish I could go back and be sweeter.

I am glad though that my family handled my poor behavior well and that we were still able to have a lot of fun  and move on. I loved hanging out with my teen aged niece in Atlanta and that I got to know my sisters-in-law better. I am glad that I feel better now that my cycle has returned and I am over my previous illnesses. I hope to be more cheerful the next time our family gets together. Sorry guys!


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