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What I Am Watching on Television

Right now I have too many shows to keep up with. It hasn't been that way in a while. At the same time, some of my past favorite shows are now getting dull. First, I will tell you those.

I watched The Young and the Restless because my mother, grandmother, and great grandmother watched it. I was a legacy! I began to become bored about the time Sharon went to New Orleans. I lost my interest completely when I realized that the writers were simply recycling stories are trying to create drama by having someone commit adultery. Jumping into bed with someone after only flirting with them one day is not drama. The Victor and Nicky story is old and tired. Last month I took the show off of my DVR after not watching it for three months.

Modern Family still makes me laugh here and there but it has grown stale. Cameron and Mitchell come across as the stupidest parents I have ever seen. I know people will get mad for me saying that but episode after episode of them making the same mistakes like…