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What I Am Watching on Television

Right now I have too many shows to keep up with. It hasn't been that way in a while. At the same time, some of my past favorite shows are now getting dull. First, I will tell you those.

I watched The Young and the Restless because my mother, grandmother, and great grandmother watched it. I was a legacy! I began to become bored about the time Sharon went to New Orleans. I lost my interest completely when I realized that the writers were simply recycling stories are trying to create drama by having someone commit adultery. Jumping into bed with someone after only flirting with them one day is not drama. The Victor and Nicky story is old and tired. Last month I took the show off of my DVR after not watching it for three months.

Modern Family still makes me laugh here and there but it has grown stale. Cameron and Mitchell come across as the stupidest parents I have ever seen. I know people will get mad for me saying that but episode after episode of them making the same mistakes like saying the wrong things in wrong public situations etc, has become eye-rolling. Gloria and her crew are not anyone I can relate to. I can't stand the way Gloria and Jay manipulate each other. I lost interest when Gloria faked a sprained ankle to go to the spa. It is difficult for me to care about the character now. I only watch the show because of Phil Dunphy.

I love the show Grimm, but I notice I watch it for the supporting cast. Munroe and Rosalee are the characters that keep me watching. Nick and Juliette are GRATING. I think the show would have been more dramatic if Juliette were his actual wife and they had children that Nick and Juliette had to protect. Juliette losing her memory as his wife and mother of his children would have been more dramatic and heart breaking. Right now, I just wish Juliette would leave Portland. Her character really serves no purpose.

I was happy they ended 30 Rock. The Jack's mom is a lesbian story really ended it for me.

Now to the ones I love.

Vikings! I love that show so dad gum much. At first it was boring and I didn't think I would stick it out but then they raided England and captured Athelstan who becomes the fish out of water character I needed. The show came together after that. Ragnar is the hero but I could neither sympathize or relate to him. I am not sure I could even cheer for him.  The season finale was weak but I look forward to the growing next generation of vikings and the invasion of Paris. Will we see the Carolingian kings? I also want to hear more Anglo-Saxon!

Once Upon a Time is a show I think is going to bore me but it never disappoints. However, having Regina slaughter a village has now made her instantly unsympathetic. My sympathy to her was what kept me interested. Was she really as evil as they said she was? The answer is "yes". Ok, moving on! Luckily I can still love Mr. Gold, even when he plays the bad boy.

The Middle is a show that keeps getting better. I actually laugh out loud at episodes. I love that Frankie doesn't have a high powered career and that her husband isn't an idiot loser. The kids aren't the brightest or the most popular and Harvard or Yale aren't the only universities that exist. Sue's character is a bit over the top but other than that I enjoy a show I can watch with my children without worry.

Doctor Who is another show I enjoy watching with my kids. I am still warming up to Clara but enjoying the sci-fi elements of the episodes. I just wish the episodes were longing. I feel like they are cramming too much in each episode. The last episode would be better in book form in my opinion. Maybe putting the brothers in was too much for a TV episode. Instead they should have just focused on the center of the TARDIS. I have to admit that I do not like episodes like that. I like the Doctor and his companion to explore new worlds or different times. I loved the episode before with the ghost hunter. I maybe strange but I cannot stand Madame Vastra and Jenny. It is like Moffat is trying too hard to be cool. It has nothing to do with homophobia. I LOVED Captain Jack in Doctor Who and Torchwood. I cringe whenever Madame Vastra makes a return. (she is COOL! You MUST like her!! A reptile woman who is married to ANOTHER female, in VICTORIAN TIMES!! Me: Zzzzzz I saw Tipping the Velvet!)

Defiance is an interesting show. Underneath all of that terraforming and 8 alien races is the show Eureka! Now I am hooked!

Arrow is for the Smallville/Doctor Who fans in my house. Jack Harkness and River Song is in it! Sorry but I do not buy that John Barrowman is the father of Colin Donnell. John Barrowman has this gift of looking like he is going to seduce whoever is playing opposite him, male or female. So it is squicky to me to see him act opposite a MAN who is supposed to be his son.

Supernatural is my show!  I love Sam and Dean and when they actually deal with the demon tablet I am all interested. I hope they do more with the Men of Letters. Please do not bring back the red headed geek girl. She was cute but now she is just annoying. I miss Bobby! I also wish they would bring back the archangels. Metatron is giving me hope!

Being Human is another show that keeps my attention. Yes, I mean the US version of Being Human. I love that they added evil witches and got rid of the vampire politics. Vampire politics are getting old and tired from too much use by other shows. The writers were smart to move on to witches and zombies and weird vampire hybrids. Did Aiden turn his wife?

Man, I need to read more books!


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