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Facebook World!!!

After reading an article about Facebook annoyances I decided to look at and analyze my Facebook. I used to have lots of friends but have cut a bunch until I only have a few. Because I cut a lot of people who weren't really friends  I enjoy my Facebook and keep track of friends and family from all over. 
1.Friend re-posted something something in Russian. Her friend needs help! 2.Friend posted a funny comment to a funny picture of George Lucas that I shared with my brother because we like to make fun of George Lucas 3. Actor posts liberal political stuff against guns even though he plays a gun loving, violent character on TV. 4. Friend posts a funny picture that I loved enough to share. I got two likes. It is about my lack of exercise. 5. Friend is listening to lots of music on Spotify.  6. A recipe for kids is shared that looks pretty interesting. 7. Picture of kids enjoying recipe 8. George Takei 9. One of those inspirational cards 20. An important announcement regarding an upcom…