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Roe vs. Wade 41 Years Later: The Truth about Abortion Rights

55 million babies have been terminated since the Supreme Court decision of Roe vs. Wade that happened on January 22, 1973. Forty-one years later it remains a controversial topic between groups who fight for a women's right to choose and those who fight for a baby's right to life. In the past, both groups acknowledged that abortion was a horrible thing and should only be used in extreme circumstances ignoring the reality that most abortions were done in not so extreme circumstances. Now the debate has changed into something ugly. It has become to be about reproductive rights and a battle in the war against women! The health of the woman and the fact that she belongs to a family is ignored.

I don't know who is behind that change in words in the abortion debate but it is very deceptive and smart to be honest. Before there seemed to still be respect for women, now activists dress as vaginas. They scream "Hail Satan!" and accuse people who are against abortion as being hateful towards women. The debate FOR abortion is turning less and less about the issue of abortion itself and more into Women's Rights despite the fact that most women who have abortions are those who are either pressured into them by their boyfriends or husbands or are done because they are scared and don't want to deal with the consequences of their actions.

Because they turn the debate into Women's rights it is impossible to honestly argue about abortion and to come to any conclusion. Pro-life activists who are women are ignored. The science of what goes on in the womb is also ignored. The health risks are lied about. Even arguing the lack of care and health codes in many of these abortion clinics is ignored all in the name of "rights" and offering women power and never ending orgasms without responsibility. Now they are fighting for your right to have an abortion without even consulting a doctor! I guess soon backalley abortions will be a choice again? I thought the entire point of legal abortions was to protect women from seeking unhealthy abortions with a lack of medical care?

The White House Press Release says it all:

"Today, as we reflect on the 41st anniversary of the Supreme Court decision in Roe v. Wade, we recommit ourselves to the decision’s guiding principle: that every woman should be able to make her own choices about her body and her health. We reaffirm our steadfast commitment to protecting a woman’s access to safe, affordable health care and her constitutional right to privacy, including the right to reproductive freedom. And we resolve to reduce the number of unintended pregnancies, support maternal and child health, and continue to build safe and healthy communities for all our children. Because this is a country where everyone deserves the same freedom and opportunities to fulfill their dreams."(Statement by the President on Roe vs. Wade, January 22, 2014,

Notice the key words- choice, access, constitutional right to privacy, reproductive freedom, unintended pregnancies (should the federal government even be saying that??), communities, freedom, opportunities, and dreams. It is all about the woman!

The pro-abortion activists are either being deceived or are deceiving the public. They are lying about what abortion is and what it does to a woman. They make the debate less about the health of the mother and more about her power, her freedom, her goals. Thy divorce sex from family, love, and responsibility. What actually goes on in abortion clinics is rarely talked about. It is difficult to get anyone to have an honest debate. When Texas actually had an honest debate and came to a compromise acknowleding health and safety, the courts overturned those decisions because of "rights". Well, I guess women have the right to butcher themselves in the name of reproductive freedom! Is that the message?

Instead of progressing, society is moving backwards. Turning women into priestesses and goddesses with power through sexual orgasms is a very primitive idea. Killing an inconvenient baby is also a primitive not a progressive idea. In tribal cultures all over the world, babies that don't quite make a certain standard are left exposed in the wild. Infant exposure was practiced all over ancient Greece and Rome. Other ancient societies sacrificed infants to gods. Christianity changed the idea that an infant was less of a human. That doesn't mean that Christians never killed their babies but when they did it was something evil. With the attitude that life is precious came progress and freedom in society. Now we are going backwards. The more you allow society to pleasure themselves without consequence, the more the government has to step in, and the less freedom you have.

But you can have it all, baby!!!!!!!!


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