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Were the Grammys Satanic? One LDS Opinion came out with an article quoting a tweet by Alabama football player AJ McCarron stating

"Is it just me or are some of the Grammy performances so far seem to be really demonic?? Looks like there is a lot of evil in the world.." Tweet from @10AJMcCarron, January 26, 2014

The Grammy's, which came on television Sunday, inspired tweeters and bloggers everywhere to write about the demonic and evil in the performances. A few mention the mass gay wedding put on, but Katy Perry burning herself as a witch on a pole, Madonna looking like a witch (though I don't think she can help it), and Beyonce showing her crotch in an outfit that would have been shocking just 20 years ago, (remember Cher in the video "If I Could Turn Back Time") humping her husband who thinks it is cool to wear symbols of the sex cult leader Aleister Crowley won most of the shock. I haven't watched the Grammy's since Jethro Tull beat Metallica in 1989 but I did see the pictures of Sunday's performance and that was enough. Yes, the Grammy's were demonic and Satanic and here is why saying so is not "crazy" or a "conspiracy theory". It is actually pretty obvious.

People think that to be demonic something has to be secret or part of some conspiracy like the Illuminati. Actually, it is pretty straight forward in the Bible. You don't need to be part of a secret conspiracy to be a servant of Satan. Just preach and celebrate the teachings of Satan. What does Satan preach? He preaches against God, against freedom, and to be a slave to pride and the pleasures of the body. He promises money, power, and fame. The medieval writer Dante divided the servants of Satan into two parts. Those who were victims and slaves of the flesh, and those in the lower parts of Hell who led the weak to the pit of Hell. In the music industry, you see both those who are weak and those who lead them down there. A lot of the "leaders" were inspired by the occult and have openly said they were. Many of them were inspired by Aleister Crowley and other groups that promised no punishment for the rebellious lifestyles admired by rock and pop music. These leaders didn't have to lead the weak into Hell in Secret. All they had to do was to make it "cool".

The man who started this Satanic rock god status was Aleister Crowley. His main teaching was "Do what thou wilt" which is usually interpreted in a sexual way. He was born in 1875 in a strict Christian household. As a teenager he rebelled and chose a life of idolatry, occult, drugs, and sex. He lived the life of a stereotypical rock god before rock n' roll even existed. He mixed eastern occult practices with Western esoterism to justify his wild lifestyle. He embraced the devil and fought openly against Jesus Christ and thought it was fun to say so. He made rebelling against God "cool". It is no wonder that later rock singers embraced the teachings of Crowley. The Beatles put his picture on their album "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band". Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin was a huge fan and even bought Crowley's old home. Other groups were more of the hard core heavy metal types so not very surprising and more underground. However, now the teachings of Crowley and the use of his symbols are being seen in Pop music as well. Crowley may be the "cool" anti-Christ for modern celebrities to follow but his ideas are not new and even connect far back to ancient ideas which can be seen again in today's pop culture.

The Bible mentions "groves", mentioned 24 times in the Old Testament that I counted. Groves were actually a tree or pole in the forest where people would gather to worship the fertility goddess. It was a place to showcase your sexuality and to worship "nature". Usually that is interpreted as "Mother Nature" but it can also be used to describe the worship of YOUR human nature and your WILL. (Do what thou wilt??) Fulfillment was through the physical rather than the spiritual so you do what makes you feel good. Music was used as a way to enhance the sexual mood through repetition and the beat of a drum. When you listen to hip hop and rap what does it make you do? Do you sit inspired or do you automatically want to shake your hips and grind into your partner. Combine the beats with a dark smokey club, alcohol, and drugs and you pretty much recreated the worship that went on in Biblical "groves". People even sneak off to have sex and it is even worse in gay clubs. If you listen to the lyrics of the pop music that is played in clubs you can hear a very strong sexual element in them. They encourage women to shake their bodies in a way to attract the men and the men to go after the women. The music in gay clubs has the same message just more sexually neutral.

Then you have the female pop singers using their sexuality rather than their voice to entertain. They are center on the stage, half naked, stimulating sex acts with their tongues hanging out of their faces. This has been going on in public since Madonna used Christian symbols in a sexual way grinding herself all over the stage at the Mtv Awards back in the 1980's. Now it seems that all female pop stars want to be Madonna. They use their private parts to gain fame much like the ancient fertility priestesses. The center of fertility worship in the Middle East was a pole.

Mmmmm, I am going to go all church lady and show this little gem of a picture from the 2014 Grammys.

Did I mention that this particular "pole" is made out of wood and is part of a witches broomstick? What is the significance of the broomstick anyway? Read this article to find out. It is pretty nasty. I know Katy Perry is just rebelling against her daddy at the young impressionable age of 29 but what message is she sending the youth of the world? How much was she influenced by her ex-husband Russell Brand, a fan of Aleister Crowley?

Then there was the mass gay wedding. Oh no! I am going to get all judgey judgey! Gay marriage is against the tradition patriarchial marriage taught by not only the Bible but other major traditional institutions. This isn't the first time homosexuality was showcased on an awards show. Is it Satanic? I don't know. I believe there maybe Satanic leaders taking advantage of people who struggle with homosexuality and are promising them and easy road to happiness. That being said there is more of an emphasis on "doing what thou wilt" in the gay movement, including sado-masochism, perversion, group sex, fetishes, etc. I know at least in Atlanta it was the gay clubs that had "Fetish Night". I didn't attend but had a friend who did. The Fetish Night emphasized sado-masochism. Music has long used sado-masochism as themes gaining popularity by the late 1980's led by Madonna. In the past it was extremely subtle. The themes musicians use include leather, whips, chains, piercings, tattoos, fetishes, group sex and humiliation. Again, these things always existed in society but now it is mainstream and not just mainly in the gay circles. Those themes are now being sold to children and slowly pedophilia is gaining acceptance in art. (Think Miley Cyrus at the Mtv Music Awards) Pedophilia was also an acceptable form of pleasure in ancient societies so it wouldn't be shocking that the more we destroy our Christian heritage, the more pedophilia gains popularity.

At the 2014 Grammys, Beyonce was all leather and humiliation in a chair, in front of us and later in front of her husband who in public caresses her buttocks. Yes, I know to her it was a performance, but what message did the public receive? I was going to post a picture but it was too nasty. Her husband, Jay Z, is known to be a fan of Crowley using his teachings and symbols in his work.

At some point a female pop star has to announce her experiment with lesbianism. Madonna made it popular (though definitely not the first!) and Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus stand out as recent examples. Madonna with Queen Latifah led the mass gay wedding at the Grammys. The mass gay weddding was just weird more than creepy and used Christian imagery. Why do it? Is the answer to fight against the good in Western Civilization and promote "Do what thou wilt"? made popular by Aleister Crowley? (who stole that line from Rabelais)

I mentioned Madonna quite a bit. Yes, she is also a fan of Aleister Crowley and used a lot of his teachings in the 2012 Superbowl Half time show. I don't know how much of a follower she is but she does like Jay Z think his teachings and use of symbols are cool! (Michael Jackson was also reportedly a fan) 

That seemed to be the theme at least what I saw. I saw people willing to sell their souls for money, power, and fame the three things promised in time memorial by Satan and rather than the progressive and modern, they were simply using ancient techniques made popular by the late 19th century/early 20th century antichrists like Aleister Crowley. The only difference is that now those shocking and Satanic activities are mainstream and targeted towards the general public. But hey, those musicians get the fame and fortune? Don't forget power! Beyonce is besties with the Obamas! Aleister Crowley must be cheering in his grave!

Again, I made these conclusions without conspiracy theories. The musicians make no secret about what they are doing. All you can do is judge me for having beliefs in something higher than the physical pleasures of the world.


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