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Overprotective Mom's Guide to Pop Music this Week

I have 2 teens and so I try to keep up with what is going on in music. I want to know what my kids are listening to. I also need to be aware of what songs are playing on the radio while my kids are in the van. I listened to the Top Ten pop songs on the Billboard chart and wrote down my impressions of the songs.

My son asked me one afternoon, "Mom, why is Ariana Grande walking side to side?' I usually don't listen to the words and focus on the beat and melody so I was surprised that he caught what the lyrics were. The song he is referring to is "Side to Side" by Ariana Grande featuring Nicki Minaj. I've heard that song around 200 times over the last couple of months. I just figured she was dancing with some guy and they were swaying side to side like you do at church dances. Well, I found out what it really means, prompted by my son's question. She's had sex with a guy all day and all night so she's so sore she walks side to side. (Vomit) Now I change the radio station whenever that song comes on. It doesn't help that Ariana Grande has such a young voice so I am picturing a young teen girl singing about a guy wearing her out from the inside from so much sex. AHHH! Should your kids be listening to this song? Only if you're ok hearing your kids singing "Boy, got me walking side to side - let them hoes know!".

I've never heard of the song "Bad and Boujee". Apparently it became popular on YouTube and there is some kind of dance challenge. The girls make videos of themselves in tight clothing shaking their booties and bending over in front of the camera. The first part of the lyrics  "Rain Drop, Drop Top" has been made into an internet meme. It's used like "Roses are Red, Violets are Blue".

Now I feel old because I have never heard of this meme!
It's a fun song to listen to if you ignore the words. Since I know my 13 year old son won't I guess I won't allow this song in my house. It is a song about his girl being "boujee" or bourgeois. Bourgeois means middle class but in this sense it means she is snobby. I don't know what all of the drug references like "Cookin up dope with an Uzi" mean. I don't think they mean she's cooking a casserole. 

This song reminds me of another song. "Black Beatle".  It's a song that became popular because of the "Mannequin challenge" on YouTube. They are saying they are the Black Beatles. I allow the radio edit of the song because I have to admit that I sort of like it. Did I just make it uncool now? 

"Bad Things" - Why is that girl screeching one of the most overplayed songs of 1998- Fastballs "Out of My Head"? I couldn't get past "Was I out of my head, was I out of my mind?" Yes, next song!

The Weeknd- My 13 year old son likes the Weeknd. I did too until I found out his songs are about cocaine. Is cocaine a popular thing again? I hear more cocaine references lately. Since I am an uncool housewife, I have no idea what the party kids are doing nowadays. I've only met one person in my life that I knew did cocaine and it made her a witch. She was the best at everything and the most awesome girl ever! So does cocaine make you a jerk or was it that one girl I met 20 years ago. (pre-mommy days) Back to the Weeknd. Are his songs really about cocaine? His hit one year was " I can't feel my face when I'm with you". I admit that lyric didn't make much sense to me. He loves her so much his face goes numb because she kissed him so much? Nope, it was about cocaine. His new song "Starboy" is also about cocaine. "Cut that ivory into skinny pieces. Then she clean it with her face man I love my baby" Oh, darn it! I guess the drug and this druggie girl make him feel like he's in the stars? He is in a higher level of awareness because of her and his high? I thought it might be an Aleister Crowley reference, but cocaine makes more sense. 

"All Time Low" - Not a bad song. It is definitely different from the other so-- what did he just say "masturbate"? Is that the devil singing back up? I've played this song so many times on the radio and never noticed that before. 

The rest of the songs didn't stand out to me. To be honest, Top 40 radio has been incredibly boring lately. It's so boring that I've been listening to the hip hop station. Listening to the Billboard charts has been educational. Now I will know what my kids are talking about and I know to not let them listen to "Bad and Boujee". 


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