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Purposes of Parenting

A couple of years ago a good friend gave me the book , The Parenting Breakthrough by Merrilee Browne Boyack, for my birthday. I remember loving that book because it reminded me that I do not need to feel guilty about making my kids work. In the second chapter she lists the purposes of parenting and I think it is an important list because all too often we think the purpose of parenting is to raise a future Nobel Peace Prize winner or child prodigy to brag about with the ladies at our book club. Another big one is to entertain kids all day or sacrifice to another child so that you can feel sorry for yourself and say "look at me! I work soooo hard for my children!" All of those are incorrect and are selfish reasons to raise children.

In my previous post I mentioned that you are parenting humans. Human beings have emotions, intellect, will, choices, and a purpose. No matter what the situation of the child and what problems they have, they are still human, a child of God that we …